Born in Italy in 1967, Kappa is a leading sportswear brand worn by the world’s biggest teams and brightest stars.

Kappa produces distinctive slimline apparel for football, basketball, volleyball, autoracing, skiing, sailing, golf, fencing and martial arts. Its streetwear collections reflect its northern Italian roots.

The “Omini” logo stands for quality, humanity and authenticity.

Kappa (9)

Kappa Authentic 222 Banda Merez Slim Black White Men 303LP60-A25


Kappa Authentic 222 Banda 10 Arset Black White Men 304I050-903


Kappa Authentic Bray Black White Hoodie 304IEL0-906


Kappa Sweat Authentic Eslogari Black Green Men 303LRW0-A07


Kappa Authentic Etessi Slim T-Shirt Pink Silver Men 303LRZ0-A0D


Kappa Authentic X Disney Mickey Mouse Anne Fleece Jacket White 304IPZ0-912


Kappa Authentic 222 Banda Bawer Jacket Black Men 304RMA0-954


Kappa Authentic 222 Banda Marleta Jacket Black Men 3031QI0-918


Kappa Authentic Bray White Black Hoodie 304IEL0-904