Solestop's Back-To-School Mystery Box Deals!

by Jemela Vergara on August 18, 2017

 Our Mystery Box deals are back again, only for a limited time!

Take advantage of our Back-To-School deal with our Mystery Box bundles. Customers have the option of purchasing 3 different Mystery Box packages, each with a great amount of savings!


Customers can purchase a....

  • $100 Mystery Box (with a $200+ value) (link)
  • $150 Mystery Box (with a $400+ value(link)
  • $200 Mystery Box (with a $600+ value(link)

Each Mystery Box contains randomly hand-picked items from different brands, with current/past-season backpacks/accessories, t-shirts/long-sleeves and/or hoodies/outerwear. Customers also have the option to choose a Mens or Womens bundle upon selection.


Our BTS Mystery Box deal is available for a limited-time only, be sure to purchase your mystery box to save big!


*** Please Note *** 

  • Customers cannot return/exchange any items from their Mystery Box.
  • All sales towards the purchase of our Mystery Box bundles are Final Sale.


Solestops Back-To-School Mystery Box Deals!




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