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New Release: Purple Denim

by Koven Wei 12 Apr 2018 0 Comments
Crafted from Italian/Japanese denim, Purple creates great quality. At the intersection of street and luxury, Purple was created to meet the needs of a sophisticated consumer demanding quality and value. Inspired by vintage and utilitarian concepts, Purple is committed to innovation in product development with a particular emphasis on fit, fabric and construction. Made using globally sourced high quality materials, all trim and hardware are customized to further personalize the product. The Founders, Rob Lo Hailing from Vancouver’s Roden Gray and industrial designer Jean-Claude LeBlanc, have in their first season intentionally launched the brand in a single product category, denim, but with a view to build an authentic brand delivering a fashion product across a spectrum of categories.
We are proud to announce that Purple Denim is available in-store and online now!
New Release: Purple Denim
New Release: Purple Denim
New Release: Purple Denim
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