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Herschel Supply Co Logo Tees

by Rolex Lam 26 Feb 2019 0 Comments

Herschel Supply Co has put a diverse spin on their classic logo with the "Well Travelled Series". The Series takes the logo and replaces the typography with different languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean for example. Using standard designs with redesigned logo branding on the back and left side of the chest this collection stands out and represents for the languages being featured. If your bilingual make sure to check if your language is part of the series. 


Available online and in-store now.

Take a look below for more information on the Herschel "Well Travelled Series".


Herschel Supply Well Travelled Series.

Price: $120 CAD

Available Sizing: Small - Extra Large Mens 

Click here to purchase the Black/White Herschel Supply Well Travelled Series.

Herschel Supply Co Logo Tees


Herschel Supply Co Logo Tees Herschel Supply Co Logo Tees

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