Rather than merely a brand, Stussy represents a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has been widely embraced by rappers, DJs, skaters, artists and other street subcultures since the 80s. Stussy has gained great success in bringing a modern platform for fashion and cultural expression that is ever evolving with new ideas. The scrawled signature logo of founder Shawn Stussy can now be found in boutiques, department stores and high-end designer shops all over the world. Originating at California, the brand continues to expand its clothing line and spread its Stussy vibes with worldwide respect.

Stussy (14)

Stussy Men Hudson Stripe Crew Brown 1140239-BROW

$52.50 CAD$105.00 CAD

Stussy Women Marsh Jacket Sand 218122-SAND

$130.00 CAD$260.00 CAD

Stussy Women Marsh Jacket Blue 218122-BLUE

$130.00 CAD$260.00 CAD

Stussy Men Stock Water Short Red Core 113129-REDD

$85.00 CAD

Stussy Men Rayon Plaid LS Shirt Black 1110113-BLAC

$62.50 CAD$125.00 CAD

Stussy Range Outdoor LS Shirt Rose Women 211160-ROSE

$60.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

Stussy Eagle Tour Jacket Red Men 115433-REDD

$162.50 CAD$325.00 CAD

Stussy Langley Shiny Zip Jacket Tan Women 215100-TANN

$60.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

Stussy Langley Shiny Baggy Short Tan Women 212051-TANN

$42.50 CAD$85.00 CAD

Stussy Drift Pant Pink Men 116383-PINK

$62.50 CAD$125.00 CAD

Stussy Drift Pullover Jacket Pink Men 115451-PINK

$87.50 CAD$175.00 CAD

Stussy Women Margo Fleece Skirt Peach 214474-PEAC

$45.00 CAD$90.00 CAD

Stussy Lenny Bag Skirt Women 211120-CAMO

$40.00 CAD$80.00 CAD


$42.50 CAD$85.00 CAD