Founded in 2002 by professional skateboarder and world traveler Keith Hufnagel, HUF is a brand that sets out to represent the world of skateboarding through a diverse array of cultural inspirations and ideas. With an understanding of skateboarding culture, HUF seeks to create premium products, high quality apparel, skateboard products and footwear that are modeled after the constant progression and evolution that is the skateboarding community. They originally started out as a small retail store located in the Tenderloin District in San Francisco, California that sold popular brands in streetwear, shoes and skateboarding. Upon opening to the public they became recognized as a core skateboarding shop in the Bay Area and began rapidly growing in popularity. Though the store was proving to be successful, Keith Hufnagel was not entirely happy with what the skateboard market had to offer, and eventually launched his own independent line with the HUF name and began to manufacture his own skateboarding streetwear, shoes and accessories, utilizing designs and ideas that he felt quintessential to skateboarding and the community that embodies it. With a love and passion for skateboarding and world travel, Keith continues to be a part of HUF remaining involved in the direction, production and designs of products.

Huf (71)

Huf Men x Pleasures Blackwatch Work Jacket Navy JK00364-NVY

$150.00 CAD

Huf x Pleasures Sanford Clock White AC00679-WHT

$60.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Spore Sock SK00683-BLK

$28.00 CAD$35.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Armstrong Wallet AC00677-BLK

$48.00 CAD$60.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Gang Control Skate Deck AC00676-BLK

$92.00 CAD$115.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Dyed SS Tee TS01807-PUR

$40.00 CAD$50.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Together SS Tee TS01805-BLK

$40.00 CAD$50.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Gang Control SS Tee TS01803-BLK

$40.00 CAD$50.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Party Line SS Tee TS01801-BLK

$40.00 CAD$50.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures 12 Galaxies LS Tee TS01799-BLK

$44.00 CAD$55.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Light Up Jacquard LS Knit KN00381-BLK

$96.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

Huf Men x Pleasures Pop Top Rayon Woven Shirt BU00164-BLK

$104.00 CAD$130.00 CAD

Huf Men Abbot Easy Short Camo PT00171-CAMO

$72.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

Huf Men Prism Crewneck Black PF00376-BLK

$66.00 CAD$110.00 CAD

Huf Men Rjb Erostika Pullover Hoodie Black PF00374-BLK

$81.00 CAD$135.00 CAD

Huf Men Daisy Stripe SS Knit Top Black KN00290-BLK

$39.00 CAD$65.00 CAD

Huf Men Alien SS Knit Top Dusty Rose KN00289-DRO

$39.00 CAD$65.00 CAD

Huf Peak Reversible Volley Natural HT00555-NAT

$30.00 CAD$50.00 CAD

Huf Shotgun Keychain White AC00506-WHT

$9.00 CAD$15.00 CAD

Huf Crown Pin Antique Nickel AC00505-NIC

$9.00 CAD$15.00 CAD

Huf Shotgun Keychain Black AC00506-BLK

$9.00 CAD$15.00 CAD

Huf Fuck It Packable Bodega Bag White AC00476-WHT

$12.00 CAD$20.00 CAD

Huf Otis Scout Belt Olive AC00474-OLV

$30.00 CAD$50.00 CAD

Huf Standard Issue Bag Black AC00449-BLK

$57.00 CAD$95.00 CAD