Rastaclat is all about sending positive vibrations out into the world. Established in 2010, this Long Beach, California based brand supports the causes and foundations they truly care about, in hopes of influencing others to do the same. With inspiration emanating from traditional skateboarding and sneaker culture, Rastaclat has created a line of colorful and unique shoelace-style bracelets that are getting some serious hype.
Rastaclat defines their bracelets as the cloth of a righteous man/woman. Taking this to heart, they've managed to collaborate with people like pro skater Manny Slays All, and have dug up inspiration from sports teams and high fashion brands for all to enjoy.

Rastaclat (4)

Rastaclat Bracelet NBA Toronto Raptors Black Gray Red 12500036

$11.50 CAD$23.00 CAD

Rastaclat Bracelet Ninety-5 Braided Black Purple Turquoise RC11450012

$18.50 CAD$37.00 CAD

Rastaclat Bracelet Ninety-7 Knotted Black Purple Pink RC11450013

$18.50 CAD$37.00 CAD

Rastaclat Bracelet Soul Link Purple Pink RC11200004

$13.00 CAD$26.00 CAD