Founded in 1999, Ksubi is undeniably one of the most coveted Australian fashion labels in the world. Having built a significant presence and cult following globally, the brand has been seen on every A-list celebrity with attitude, from A$AP Rocky to Kylie Jenner, Ruby Rose and The Internet. Shedding its adolescent image to become an established label with a distinct identity, Ksubi has evolved into one of the most respected Australian fashion brands of today. Renowned for its signature denim and deliberate unfussy style, the irreverent brand remains uninfluenced by consumer trends and chooses instead to set its own agenda. Ksubi jeans, denim jackets, cut-off shorts and distressed skirts are the foundation of each collection, sitting alongside a range of premium tees, tops and standout dresses. Progressive shapes and fabrications featuring raw finishes complete the signature Ksubi aesthetic.

Ksubi (15)

Ksubi Frequency Camo LS Shirt Men 46610-MCO

$141.00 CAD$235.00 CAD

Ksubi Change We Need SS Tee Back To Black Men 46400-BLK

$66.00 CAD$110.00 CAD

Ksubi Bring Back Europe SS Tee Acid Yellow Men 46380-YEL

$66.00 CAD$110.00 CAD

Ksubi By Ksubi LS Tee Tru Black Men 46350-BLK

$78.00 CAD$130.00 CAD

Ksubi Drugs Aer Dumb SS Tee Nitro Red Men 46330-RED

$66.00 CAD$110.00 CAD

Ksubi Van Winkle Punk Blue Trashed Denim Men 43780-DNM

$180.00 CAD$300.00 CAD

Ksubi Van Winkle Kriminal Grey Men 43670-GRY

$162.00 CAD$270.00 CAD

Ksubi Hi Flyer Hoodie Tru Black Men 43470-BLK

$129.00 CAD$215.00 CAD

Ksubi Bring Back Life SS Tee Tru Black Men 43510-BLK

$75.00 CAD$125.00 CAD

Ksubi Fancy Dollar Hoodie Grey Marl Men 41590-LGY

$153.00 CAD$255.00 CAD

Ksubi Subscribe Pant Black Men 41480-BLK

$153.00 CAD$255.00 CAD

Ksubi Fancy Dollar SS Tee Grey Marl Men 42880-LGY

$75.00 CAD$125.00 CAD

Ksubi Square SS Tee Hazard Orange Men 42870-ORG

$75.00 CAD$125.00 CAD

Ksubi Dancers SS Tee Tru White Men 41430-WHT

$75.00 CAD$125.00 CAD

Ksubi Sid Pant Black Men 10820-BLK

$168.00 CAD$280.00 CAD