Simplicity, Efficiency and Agility: With a relentless commitment to design, Incase creates innovative products that provide customers with an uncompromising, elevated experience—one that exceeds expectations while raising industry standards. Our customers want the best-built solutions for housing and protecting their products: clutter-free design and lasting durability. Our products don't interfere with the user experience; they enhance it.

Authenticity, Innovation and Integrity: Incase is driven by a passion for design and high quality craftsmanship. We make no compromises when rigorously designing, testing and marketing our family of products. In an effort to serve the Apple consumer and remain the industry leader, we take nothing for granted; we're constantly challenging ourselves and producing unparalleled carrying solutions. No matter how you define your interests, your profession or your passions, our business is protecting your assets.

Incase (11)

Incase City Brief 13 Cool Grey Diamond Ripstop INCO100318-GRY

$60.00 CAD$100.00 CAD

Incase City Brief 15 Cool Grey Diamond Ripstop INCO100317-GRY

$60.00 CAD$100.00 CAD

Incase Compass Brief 15 w/ Flight Nylon Olive INCO300518-OLV

$42.00 CAD$70.00 CAD

Incase DSLR Case - Nylon Black CL58065-BLK

$51.00 CAD$85.00 CAD

Incase EO Travel Duffel Heather Grey CL90021-GRY

$168.00 CAD$280.00 CAD

Incase Point and Shoot Field Bag - Nylon Black CL58066-BLK

$60.00 CAD$100.00 CAD

Incase Pro Pack for GoPro Black CL58084-BLK

$168.00 CAD$280.00 CAD

Incase Reform Action Camera Pack Heather Black CL58099-HBK

$102.00 CAD$170.00 CAD

Incase Reform Tensaerlite Brief 13 Black CL60653-BLK

$72.00 CAD$120.00 CAD

Incase Travel Passport Wallet Anthracite INTR40053-ANT

$66.00 CAD$110.00 CAD

Incase Travel Passport Wallet Bronze INTR40053-BRZ

$66.00 CAD$110.00 CAD