In November 1959, Wynn helped Alpha take over the sublease on a small factory space on 11th Street in downtown Knoxville from the Levi Strauss Company, a space which had been previously used by Dobbs Industries. After Wynn helped Gelber arrange for the lease of sewing equipment and skilled operators, Alpha Industries was ready to begin production. While Samuel Gelber began to bid on Department of Defense contracts for Alpha, Wynn arranged a subcontracting agreement to manufacture the MA-1 FLIGHT JACKET so that Alpha's 35 employees would have immediate work. It was only two months later, in December 1959, that Alpha Industries received its first Department of Defense contracts.

Alpha Industries (14)

Alpha Industries Avalanche Primaloft Parka Victory Yellow Men MJA49502C1-706

$175.00 CAD$350.00 CAD

Alpha Industries MA-1 Apollo Battlewash Flight Jacket Commander Red MJM48514C1-619

$182.50 CAD$365.00 CAD

Alpha Industries L-2B Sherpa Loose Flight Jacket Woodland Men MJL49500C1-961

$125.00 CAD$250.00 CAD

Alpha Industries L-2B Sherpa Loose Flight Jacket Cream Men MJL49500C1-109

$125.00 CAD$250.00 CAD

Alpha Industries MA-1 NASA Flight Jacket Rust Men MJM21093C1-220

$115.00 CAD$230.00 CAD

Alpha Industries MA-1 Blood Chit Battlewash Flight Jacket Emergency Orange Men MJM49500C1-819

$140.00 CAD$280.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Shell Fishtail Parka Cadet Grey Women WJS49000C1-053

$105.00 CAD$210.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Deluge Ripstop Fishtail Vintage White Women WJD49000C1-101

$210.00 CAD$420.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Lightweight Coaches Jacket Emergency Orange Men MJL49000C1-819

$90.00 CAD$180.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Deluge Ripstop Fishtail Field Coat Sage Men MJD49000C1-310

$210.00 CAD$420.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Deluge Ripstop Fishtail Field Coat New Silver Men MJD49000C1-041

$210.00 CAD$420.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Slim Fit Ma-1 Flight Jacket Tiger Camo MJM44530C1-952

$110.00 CAD$220.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Women W F-2 French Field Coat Woodland Camo Jacket Wjf48003c1-961

$130.00 CAD$260.00 CAD

Alpha Industries Regular Fit MA-1 Flight Jacket Sage Green Core MJM21000C1-SGR

$220.00 CAD