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Upcoming Reebok Releases: Daniel Moon, NERF, Bronze 56k

by Michelle L. 22 Jun 2021 0 Comments

Upcoming Reebok Releases: Daniel Moon, NERF, Bronze 56k


The owner of HAIR Los Angeles, Daniel Moon is a colourist who treats hair like art. Collaborating with Reebok, it is titled after his signature hair art, calling it the “Major Reebok" collection. He selected the colours for these shoes similar to the way he approaches hair: with a focus on how the colours would move and attract the eyes.

“The sock liner of the Classic Leather Legacy is a photograph of an actual hair piece that I worked on,” Moon explained. “It serves as a blueprint of the shoes.” Additionally, the Classic Leather Legacy’s (GY5326, $120) colour palette was inspired by Moon’s most popular and requested hair colours, while the heel’s leather material reminds the hair stylist of a shaved head. On this version of the Reebok Club C Legacy (GY5329, $130), it features a bright solar green and pink colour palette. “These colours represent the same feeling of hyper freedom that my hair art brings to my clients,” describes Moon. “They instantly go in your bloodstream and change your mood to a new tier of exaggerated fun.” The transparent materials incorporated within the shoe were inspired by the Major Apron, Daniel Moon’s fashionable, functional apron used by hairdressers across the globe. Both the Club C Legacy and Classic Leather Legacy will also include one pair of fuzzy laces, inspired by Moon’s hair experience.


Upcoming Reebok Releases: Daniel Moon, NERF, Bronze 56k

REEBOK x NERF: JUNE 25, 2021

Joining forces for a second time in 2021, Hasbro and Reebok are coming together for another nostalgic basketball collaboration rooted in hoop dreams. The four-model retro sneaker pack features colourful iterations of Reebok’s Pump Omni Zone II, Kamikaze II and Kamikaze II Low.

NERF and Reebok share a long history of stirring imaginations for hoop dreamers the world over. Thanks to NERF Sports Nerfoop and Reebok, generations of basketball fans have grown up recreating the excitement of the sport they love, emulating favourite players and reliving historic moments - no matter where they are.

The Pump Omni Zone II will be available in two vibrant colourways: “Light Jammer” (GY8068, $205and the “Big Bad Backboard” (GY8069, $205). The Kamikaze II and Kamikaze II Low pay homage to one of the most explosive dunkers of all time, Shawn Kemp with the “Backboard Breaker” (GY8070, $170 and GV7743, $160).


Upcoming Reebok Releases: Daniel Moon, NERF, Bronze 56k

REEBOK x BRONZE 56k: JUNE 26, 2021

Reebok and Queens, N.Y. skate brand Bronze 56k will be releasing their third collaboration, following the success of last year’s collaborative launch. This time around, Bronze 56k will be releasing a refresh of Reebok’s Classic Leather and Answer IV silhouettes using an iconic blue and orange colour palette inspired by New York City. The new collection is inspired by various factors, including the city’s vibrant sports culture, the New York City skate scene, and the city’s flag.

As Reebok’s historic Answer IV enjoys a full year of 20th Anniversary celebrations, Bronze 56K respectfully presents a minimalistic take on the typically aggressive sneaker (GZ3877, $220), bringing techy ‘00’s-era skate inspiration to the classic hoops silhouette. The design also integrates a gum outsole, nodding ‘90s skate footwear, a blue and orange narrative stripe running up the heavyweight canvas tongue and Bronze 56K’s lucky symmetrical dice icons embroidered on the tumbled leather upper. Comparably, the iconic Classic Leather (GZ3878, $140) is made with premium suede and nylon, and features chenille on the collar lens, instantly providing an elevated, yet fun and playful look in unisex sizing.

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