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Solestop's Thanksgiving Holiday Sale!

by Jemela Vergara 05 Oct 2017 0 Comments

Throughout the Thanksgiving long-weekend, we will be hosting a sale in which you can save big on any purchase of footwear!

Starting October 6th to the end of October 9th, Customers will be able to save money when they spend certain amount of money on ANY footwear purchases; including sale footwear!

When customers purchase any footwear from....

  • $100+, Get $15 off their purchase! (Online Code: GIVETHANKS15)
  • $200+, Get $40 off their purchase! (Online Code: GIVETHANKS40)
  • $300+, Get $80 off their purchase! (Online Code: GIVETHANKS80)

This promotion has no exclusions! Customers can take part in this promotion both in-store and online

** PLEASE NOTE: Our store will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day(October 9th) **

** Promotion is only applicable to price BEFORE tax, And all sales with the use of this promotion are FINAL SALE **


We hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving Weekend!


Solestop’s Thanksgiving Holiday Sale!


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