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New Year, New Brands at Solestop

by Michelle L. 30 Mar 2021 0 Comments

New Year, New Brands at Solestop

A new year means new beginnings at Solestop. We are welcoming four new brands in this month's blog. Featuring FELT, pinqponq, Han Kjobenhavn and Individualist Lab. From t-shirts to hoodies, and even dye-and-print kids, we have got all the new brands you should know about in 2021.



FELT: For Every Living Thing - The New York City streetwear brand founded by Kristian Acosta in 2014 has become known for playful colour palettes and an understated simplicity. FELT has employed apparel as a canvas for the artistic expression of the experiences and feelings we all share. The brand loves their bright colours and nostalgic graphics inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, bringing back a lot of retro and vintage vibes.

New Year, New Brands at Solestop


pinqponq is a sustainable backpack and clothing brand from Cologne, Germany. Their mission is to offer products that break new ground on the functionality and design front. All their products are vegan, PFC free, and eco-friendly. As we all know, climate change has been shoved under the rug and many are denying the fact that our Earth is changing. The climate crisis is closely related to the way we consume. Each purchase is a decision and the first step towards change. You decide where and what you consume. Choosing the eco-friendly option means that the planet can breathe a little easier.  Responsibility is a big word and an even bigger promise to the future that pinqponq takes at heart every step of the way. Check out the collection and save the Earth now!

New Year, New Brands at Solestop 


Han Kjøbenhavn was founded by Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen on the streets of Copenhagen in 2008. With roots in Danish design culture, HK began with their popular designs in the eyewear industry and evolved into menswear and womenswear. The vision of Han Kjøbenhavn is to create an uncompromising and unconventional universe, built upon creativity, storytelling and craftsmanship – with the ambition of taking people on a journey to new places. Now with three flagships stores in Copenhagen, New York and Paris, Han Kjobenhavn is making its mark in the fashion industry - as seen on Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and our very own, Drake.

New Year, New Brands at Solestop


Introducing Individualist Lab to Solestop. Their goal? To redefine creativity in fashion. Known widely for their screen print kits, this brand allows fashion enthusiasts to show off some creativity with detailed do it yourself dye kits. INDVLST LAB has turned its focus onto the maker and the process of creation to instil the creative process in fashion and streetwear. The kits are dedicated to “the kid who has limited resources in the middle of nowhere that has the urge to be creative in the fashion department. The T-shirt is where it starts, this is a tool to your journey. I pre-designed the frame for you to design your own. Volume One.”

New Year, New Brands at Solestop

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