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New Balance Black History Month: "My Story Matters" (M990CP5/U574LEV)

by Michelle L. 14 Feb 2021 0 Comments

Today, global athletic leader New Balance unveiled its signature program and collection in commemoration of Black History Month 2021 entitled ‘My Story Matters’ to celebrate and elevate Black experiences this month and beyond.

Concepted, designed and executed by a team of Black associates at New Balance, the new collection features one-of-a-kind colourways of the 574 and 990 that draw inspiration from a core institution in the Black community: the church. The vibrant purple that serves as the focal design aspect of the collection alludes to the purple robes worn by many gospel choirs every Sunday.

“This Black History Month takes on a new meaning and importance in light of the events of this past year,” says Chavon Cham, Senior Product Manager for Lifestyle Apparel at New Balance and one of the main collaborators behind the collection. “We wanted to create a collection that celebrates the power of Black stories, both in name and design. ‘My Story Matters’ drives home the core truth that every Black story has value and deserves a chance to be heard.”

The visual content and videos were concepted, directed and executed in collaboration with acclaimed creative director, Dapper Lou, who drew references for the script and visual direction from nature and its colours. “Overall, we went into the production of this campaign with an energy of expression and celebration of Black accomplishments,” says Dapper Lou.

Two of New Balance’s top brand ambassadors, actor, musician and activist Jaden Smith and tennis phenom Coco Gauff, are featured in the campaign creative, showcasing New Balance’s commitment to leading with purpose and letting the voices within its own family be heard.

“With the ‘My Story Matters’ collection, we seek to celebrate the unique diversity and resilience of our culture, not only during Black History Month, but throughout the year,” says Jordan Johnson, Associate Product Manager, Collaboration & Energy at New Balance. “We want to remind today’s Black youth that even in the midst of everything going on there is so much to be proud of, and we’re committed to ongoing involvement, mentorship and allyship to elevate our collective voices.”

The New Balance M990CP5 and U574LEV will be available online on February 15, 2020 at 12AM EST.

  • For more previews and information (including price and available sizing), take a look at the details below.

New Balance Black History Month: My Story Matters (M990CP5/U574LEV)

New Balance Black History Month: My Story Matters (M990CP5/U574LEV)

 New Balance 990 - M990CP5

  • Sizing: MENS US 7-13 (No US 11.5)
  • Price: $240 CAD
  • Colour: Angora / Purple

New Balance Black History Month: My Story Matters (M990CP5/U574LEV)

New Balance Black History Month: My Story Matters (M990CP5/U574LEV)

New Balance 574 - U574LEV

  • Sizing: MENS US 7-13 (No US 11.5)
  • Price: $130 CAD
  • Colour: Black / Classic Burgundy
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