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HIBI INCENSE: Connecting through the Spirit of Fragrance

by Michelle L. 17 May 2021 0 Comments


‘Craftsmanship to pass down on the roots of traditional match production to the next generation’

Matches were introduced early in the Meiji era (1868-1912) in Japan and quickly grew into one largest match manufacturing industries for it's high quality matches. As we move into the future and less and less matches were being lit, it was time to produce a product that would bring match lighting back into our daily lives. In hopes of passing on the roots and traditions, a collaboration with burning incense came to fruition.

The incense of Awaji Island and the matches of Harima, came together to create a match that was also scented to create a fragrance when lit. After 3 years of trial and error, hibi was born.

The brand name hibi means ‘day to day’, or daily, in Japanese. It was given with the hope that you would keep it around you every day and freely enjoy its fragrance, matching each day’s mood or occasion. The logo’s design combines two of the Chinese character ‘日’ (day) set next to each other.

"To enrich your life through this collaboration of the culture of Japanese craftsmanship, to make hibi synonymous with incense, familiar at home and abroad, And to also give pride and a dream to those people involved in traditional industry: This is our wish/hope."

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