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Herschel Supply Co X BE@RBRICK

by Rolex Lam 15 Mar 2019 0 Comments

BE@RBRICK has been a leading supporter to artists and designers all around the world since 2001. By creating a blank canvas figurine, BE@RBRICK has given creativity a whole new meaning. Collaborators can now feature their unique designs and branding to these bear dolls with endless possibilities to design them however they please. Making each one a collectable like no other. 

Herschel Supply introduces its latest collaboration with Japan's Medicom Toys, creating a very limited version on their take of a BE@RBRICK design. Featuring a travel based bear that shoulders their heritage Herschel backpack blazed in a glossy red on a matte black bear. Making its debut in 3 sizes of 100%, 400%, and 1000%. The capsule also includes a snapback cap that features a travelling BE@RBRICK character embossed on the front.

For more previews and information, (including price and available sizes) take a look at the details below.

Click here to purchase the Herschel Supply BE@RBRICK collaboration, available now in-store and online at

Herschel Supply Co x Medicom BearBrick Mosby Curve Cotton Twill Snapback Peacoat 1125-0851

Price: $40 CAD

Herschel Supply Co x Medicom BearBrick 100% Peacoat 10644-02697

Price: $30 CAD

Herschel Supply Co x Medicom BearBrick 400% Peacoat 10645-02697

Price: $150 CAD

Herschel Supply Co x Medicom BearBrick 1000% Peacoat 10646-02697

Price: $800 CAD

Herschel Supply Co X BE@RBRICK



Herschel Supply Co X BE@RBRICKHerschel Supply Co X BE@RBRICK

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