Posted on by Jemela Vergara

Back in 2013, Japan's Head Porter Plus and Reebok Classics had teamed to create an outstanding collaboration on Reebok's stylish, yet functional, Classic Leather CL model. This year, The duo comes together again with a new iteration which mimics their past design. 

Dubbed the Classic Leather "Snow Leopard", this silhouette consists of their notable all-faux leopard fur upper, with a premium-lined sock-liner and duo-branded insoles. With their past wild-cat design containing the grassland leopard print, this new iteration takes on the cold-climate snow leopard design.

The Head Porter Plus x Reebok Classics "Snow Leopard" Classic Leather silhouette will be available at Solestop on Wednesday, November 1st. Customers are able to purchase this silhouette at 12AM EST Midnight online at, as well as in-store 12PM Noon.


For previews and more information(including price and available sizing), take a look at the details below.


Head Porter Plus x Reebok Classics Classic Leather HP "Snow Leopard" - CN2034

Price: $150 CAD.

Available Sizing: 8 - 12 US MENS

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