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Casio G-Shock 2100 Carbon Square: GA2100-1A1/GA2100-4A

by Michelle L. 19 Aug 2020 0 Comments

These new models inherit the octagon form that was also employed for the original DW-5000C. Analog-digital timekeeping comes packed into a no-nonsense simple design without sacrificing G-SHOCK level toughness. This tough timepiece boasts a carbon core structure that protects the case by enclosing it in a carbon case while keeping it only 11.8 mm in thickness. The design pays homage to retro G-Shock styles with an octagonal bezel and traditionally shaped resin band. The distinctive colour in the red colourway is also seen on the dial along with an analog-digital display and double LED light feature, for easy visibility in the dark. Complete with all of the functions you have come to expect from G-Shock, this watch will be your next everyday companion.

The Casio G-Shock 2100 Carbon Square GA2100-1A1 and GA2100-4A will be available for purchase on August 21st, 2020 via ONLINE RAFFLE.

To enter please click HERE and follow the instructions on the raffle page. Good luck!

Casio G-Shock 2100 Carbon Square: GA2100-1A1/GA2100-4ACasio G-Shock 2100 Carbon Square: GA2100-1A1/GA2100-4A



Casio G-Shock 2100 Carbon Square: GA2100-1A1/GA2100-4A

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