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Adidas Originals POD - S3.1 Boost Black/White Yellow - (AQ1059)

by Koven Wei 14 Jun 2018 0 Comments

Adidas latest silhouette and newest release of shoes is debuts a futuristic yet new style of Originals. Known as the "P.O.D System", the shoe takes a twist from a mid-90's shoe known for "Point Deflection System". This was a design and an advancement to assist in shock absorption and better stability within the out-sole hence the out-sole is created with different materials that encompass these kicks. These shoes are also layered with boost throughout the heel and blue/green/black overlays that assist the systematic design the "P.O.D" displays.

The Adidas "P.O.D System" will be available in-store and online on Saturday, June 16th at 12AM EST Midnight online, with any remaining pairs set to release in-store 12PM Noon

For a more previews and information(including price and available sizing), take a look at the details below.

Adidas Originals POD - S3.1 Boost Black/White Yellow - (AQ1059)

Price: 160 CAD 

Available Sizing: TBD

Click Shop Now when the release is available! 

Adidas Originals POD - S3.1 Boost Black/White Yellow - (AQ1059)

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