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Norda Run: Inspired by Canada's toughest conditions.

by Michelle L. 25 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Norda Run: Inspired by Canada’s toughest conditions.

Founded between Montréal and Eastern Townships, Norda Run designed a shoe to prove that performance and sustainability can and should always run together. The mission is to get the best performance out of the world’s best materials while leaving the lightest footprint possible.

Introducing Dyneema®: the world’s strongest and lightest fiber™️. The norda™️001 upper is seamlessly constructed with Dyneema®. Bio based Dyneema Fiber® uses a mass balance approach, is sustainably sourced, and is BlueSign® approved. It is hydrophobic: it does not absorb water and remains light in wet conditions. It is ultra light and strong - our norda™️001 Dyneema® seamless upper is the first of its kind. The diamond designed norda™ laces made with Dyneema®, provide 4x the strength of a standard lace, and higher abrasion resistance.

Canada is a country of four seasons - often four seasons in one day. The norda™️ 001 conquers it all. Check out the newest arrivals from Norda in-store and online now at

Norda Run: Inspired by Canada’s toughest conditions.

Norda Run: Inspired by Canada’s toughest conditions.

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