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New Brand "Peak Performance"

by Rolex Lam 02 Oct 2019 0 Comments

Introducing Peak Performance, a new brand we are proud to have joining our brand list! 

Peak Performance started in a little mountain village of Åre in the heart of the Swedish mountains! Created through the ideology of four talented skiers who sought to initiate a new era of performance clothing that allowed functionality without stripping flashy fashion out of the equation. Stefan Engström, Peter Blom, Christer Mårtensson, Jonas Ottosson soon went on to become the founders of Peak Performance in 1986!

Soon after establishing their brand and curating the perfect team to represent Peak Performance they began to gain considerable traction in the clothing industry. Expanding to multiple countries, opening doors to new locations such as Europe, Japan, and even Dubai. Creating bigger opportunities and formulating their unique simplistic styles for garments. Not long after they incorporated jackets with Gore-Tex, which really bolstered their reputation in the winter sports garment industry. Eventually Peak Performance entered the stock market with rising stock prices and entering multiple sponsorship contracts.

Fast forward 3 decades, Peak Performance is now a world wide booming success in the sporting life industry! Jumping from a garage sized operation to a market leading brand. Besides being a retailer for slope sports, Peak Performance soon began to expand into a number of activities. Golf, skiing, training, running and a casual line strongly connected to their ski resort roots. 

Solestop now carries multiple pieces of their down-feather and Gortex jackets along with pieces from Peak Performances casual line. Now available in-store and online!

 New Brand Peak Performance

New Brand Peak Performance

New Brand Peak Performance

New Brand Peak Performance

New Brand Peak Performance



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