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New Brand Arrival: pinqponq

by Michelle L. 26 Jan 2021 0 Comments

pinqponq, the brand with two dots, has arrived to Solestop. pinqponq is a sustainable backpack and clothing brand from Cologne, Germany. Their mission? Offering products that break new ground on the functionality and design front.

pinqponq accepts its social and ecological responsibility, which is expressed through a resource-conserving manufacturing process, transparency about the delivery chain, and close relationships with its partners. We try to live up to this responsibility step by step by questioning our actions on a daily basis and looking for better alternatives.
A Promise for the Future:
There is no need to make compromises when it comes to sustainable fashion. The climate crisis is closely related to the way we consume. Our answer is the highest level in responsibility, outstanding quality, thoughtful functionality, and unique design. Each purchase is a decision and the first step towards change. You decide where and what you consume. Choosing the eco-friendly option means that the planet can breathe a little easier.
PFC Free:
In the textile industry PFC is mainly used on outdoor clothing, as it is highly water- and dirt-repellent and therefore it is ideal for backpacks. pinqponq uses the chemical neoseed, which is also a bluesign system partner, as an environmentally friendly alternative. This recreates the so called lotus effect. The water forms into round droplets that roll smoothly off the fabric.
Since March 2017, pinqponq has been vegan approved by the animal welfare organization PETA. This means that all products do not have any animal components and no animals were harmed or killed for the pinqponq products being sold.
GOTS (Global organic textile standard):
GOTS certified clothing benefits from a high reputation, and that is for an excellent reason. This textile certification sets the highest ecological and social standards for organically produced natural fibers, both in terms of the working conditions and along the entire production chain. The main benefits of GOTS certified organic cotton at a glimpse.

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