ACCESSORIES - Casio G-Shock G-LIDE Multiband Cream GWX5700CS-7

    Casio G-Shock G-LIDE Multiband Cream GWX5700CS-7

    $148.00 CAD $185.00 CAD

      Introducing summer version models for the G-SHOCK G-LIDE lineup of sports watches, which are a favorite choice among the world's top extreme sports athletes. The GWX5700CS-7 model selected for this series is the thin, comfortable fitting, Tough Solar, round face GWX-5700. This new lineup comes in a selection of three colors that are similar to those of today's water sports gear: deep black that matches the color of many wet suits, fashionable white, or ocean blue. All colors have a subdued matte finish that combines with the basic coloring to make these models look good just about anywhere. These models come with Tide Graph, which is a must for surfers, along with the GWX-5700's pre-programmed tide data from around the world. Great design and powerful features create a lineup that provides choices to suit a variety of surfing styles.