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    Porter Pals Waist Bag Khaki



      PORTER flagship store original popular series "PALS" with military motif details added everywhere.

      The three-hole eyelets on the front of the main unit and the nylon tape on which the pouches and carabiner provided at key points can be hooked are the design points common to the series.

      The main material is high-strength cordura nylon fabric, and the interior is made of white-collar rayon ripstop fabric for high visibility. The fasteners are unified with the specifications that use the black coil fasteners as the back, and the sliders are the parts used for military jackets.

      The colors are black, khaki, and navy, which are reminiscent of military.

      The series name "PALS" is an abbreviation for "Pouch Attachment Ladder System" and is derived from the name of the equipment mounting system used by the military around the world.

      The two-layer waist bag has a thin gusset but is highly functional with many small storage pockets. You can use it not only as a waist bag but also as a shoulder bag by hanging it diagonally.